Nov 1, 2010

Cable Ready

Hello November! Wow, winter is really breathing down our necks. This year, I'm battling the chill with intricate thick knits. The picks below are some of my favorite versions of the Irish Aran sweater; these will surely keep the full force gales at bay.
1. Givenchy @ | 2. Rick Owens @ | 3. Cable Yali @ | 4. Theory @ | 5. Twenty8Twelve by S.Miller @ | 6. Knitted Short Cable Jumper @ | 7. Fisherman's Sweater  @ | 8. Fisherman Cardigan by Motel @


Aurora said...

I love a good sweater!

chitter chadder said...

Where's your love for the men? I know all you ladies dress for each other, but it wouldn't hurt to throw some dude options in once every two weeks.

Beth said...

I got ya covered. I'll do a feature on track pants.