Oct 1, 2010

Crime of Passion

Yesterday, my 6-year-old son committed a major infraction at school. His crime: stealing a kiss from a fellow first grader.

His teacher told me with complete seriousness that he had violated a young ladies personal space, planted one on her cheek and fled the scene. He was sentenced to write a formal apology. Hmmm, I would have loved to see that note, “the fat cat likes rats", since he can’t spell “sorry” or “personal space”.

It goes without saying that I will be spending the weekend rehabilitating my little delinquent. Happy Friday!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please say it ain't so! Really? An apology for a kiss on the cheek? 'Personal space'? How neurotic is that child, or will she be, by the time that teacher is through with her? I prefer a bit of harmless affection to a bite or kick or smack.